updated: 9-15-05

Program Objectives

The objective of the Mission College Paralegal/Legal Assisting Degree and Certificate Program is to impart knowledge of the structure of the California and federal legal systems, to educate our students in basic understanding of areas of law with which law offices commonly deal, to give practical training in the performance of legal tasks associated with these areas including the preparation of legal documents, and pleadings , to train our students to do excellent legal research, to write and communicate clearly and precisely, and to teach the ethical principles governing the relationship of attorney, paralegal-legal assistant, and client. Completion of the Paralegal/Legal Assisting Degree or Certificate Program signifies completion of a course of study designed to equip the paralegal graduate for responsible duties in a law firm or the legal department of a business or government agency.

Our program focuses on training our paralegal in core competencies (as defined by "AAFPE" - the American Association for Paralegal Education, of which Mission College has been a member since 1998)

More details about the program can be found at the several webpages for our program, namely: http://profj.us, http://lamission.edu/law, http://onlineparalegalprogram.com, http://lawteacher.us (several addresses are provided for ease of access - the pages are similar to each other). You may recieve more information by calling the Director of the program. Prof. Jordan at school 818-364-7720, or his cell phone 818-415-2015, or emailing him at abogado@pacbell.net. If you plan to take our on campus classes, you are invited to come and visit our beautiful campus and to sit in some classes before you start the program. Let us know how we can help you along your career path as a professional and competent paralegal/legal assistant.

Prof J.